Fluid Dynamic Modelling

Fluid Dynamic Modelling & Balancing – For Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) Systems All ducted ventilation systems have to be designed such that the supplied airflow coming out of each vent in each room is sufficient for the requirements of the space.For example, a living area that may have 4 people in it for extended periods […]

Jerrabomberra Tennis Facility – Canberra's first pre-fabricated Passivhaus!

The Jerrabomberra Tennis Facility is a showcase of Passive House (German: Passivhaus) and Low-e technologies encapsulated within a factory pre-fabricated high-performance building.  This video shows the erection of the building envelope in poor weather conditions near Canberra. This high-performance energy-efficient and sustainable building includes: Fully insulated concrete slab with extruded polystyrene (XPS) by Foamex Thermally-broken […]

Air-tightness, blower-door testing

Find air leakages as a result of air pressure measurement testing Measuring an existing building’s air-tightness or checking a new build’s air-tightness after installation of building wraps are done by generating a gentle vacuum in the house through the Blower Door fan or 50 Pascal (similar to a wind loading of a moderate breeze on the building). […]

Low-E Principles: The importance of Solar Heat Gain Control

Once your building is insulated and air-tight to Passivhaus standard, you will barely loose heat. While true in general, solar heat gain control of windows in summer is paramount. To keep the unwanted sun out, fixed or passive shading as part of the building design and/or orientation such as very deep eaves and vertical shades, […]