"Condensation would not occur if humid, moist air could be removed and replaced by drier air. This can be achieved, usually very simply, by better ventilation of the home."

Housing ACT

The LUNOS Silvento Smart Humidity Control Extraction Fan is suitable for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. The unit will automatically sense when the humidity levels increase and ramp up airflow automatically. The Silvento merely sips on 6W of power (much less than an LED downlight) when operating so you won’t notice an impact on your bills.


LUNOS Silvento Header Box Fan

The LUNOS Silvento header box fan is the next-gen ventilation & moisture management solution. Ideal for bathrooms, laundries and other areas that require improved moisture control or ventilation.

  • Whisper quiet operation from 20-35dB
  • Maximum energy efficiency operating at 5-11 Watts
  • Automatic regulation of humidity and temperature (FK model only)
  • Stylish Design


LAROS Technologies is the proud supplier of LUNOS in Australia.

Please contact your local distributor for pricing and installation details. 

VIC: AmpVolt
NSW & ACT: Fresh Ventilation

The LUNOS Story

LUNOS is a long-established Berlin company and has been known worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative and energy efficient ventilation systems for more than 56 years. LUNOS engineers are constantly  working to develop new devices for efficient use in apartments and buildings. This is how  LUNOS has managed to establish itself not only as the market leader for energy-efficient ventilation units, but also as a reliable partner whose clients can always be sure of the quality and durability of its products.

The core competencies of LUNOS lie in the field of controlled home ventilation with and without heat recovery and the development and manufacture of energy-efficient fans and outer wall air vents. Furthermore, LUNOS develops all associated components and many other products such as exhaust fans and façade ventilation systems with hidden vents. LUNOS also provides services such as technical advice and the creation of ventilation concepts.