Fresh air for schools, offices, restaurants, and day care

Heat recovery ventilation for commercial spaces

Importance of Filtered Ventilation

Ventilation is not only important in your home to remove smoke, cooking odours, moisture and indoor pollutants but it is also crucial in public spaces for reducing the spread of viruses including COVID-19. Public spaces including schools, showrooms, and waiting rooms are particularly at risk as not only are they high traffic areas but individuals sit still for extended periods of time. This increases the risk of viruses spreading and in poorly ventilated high traffic indoor areas the concentration of CO2 in the air can exceed recommended levels, negatively affecting health and concentration.

While opening windows, and natural ventilation was a simple remedy in summer and warmer months, this is a problem in the colder months, or where windows aren’t available. 

The solution: heat recovery ventilation ensures fresh and healthy air. Ventilation systems purify the air and reduce the aerosol concentration — reducing fatigue, headaches, dry throat and eyes, asthma and most importantly, the risk of infections.

Commercial Space Ventilation Options

Lunos Nexxt

The Nexxt generation in decentralised recovery ventilation

  • Low energy consumption 5W at the lowest setting of 15m3/h 45W at the highest setting of 110m3/h
  • High heat recovery efficiency up to 83%
  • Whisper quiet operation: well below 20dB for settings of up to 30m3/h.
  • Clean air. Standard M5 filters (with the option to increase to M7 or M9) for bacteria filtration.
  • USB port for firmware updates, and addition of wireless sensors, motion detectors & switches.
  • Intelligent automatic sensing of humidity and temperature as standard (CO₂ sensor optional).
  • Input port for addition of external switching.
  • Adaptability for dual room operation (employing flat-duct accessories).
  • Designed for high-performance Passive House buildings (fully air-sealed & insulated).
  • Automatic or manual close-off damper.
  • Suitable for retrofits.

Stiebel Eltron VRL-C

Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices

The VRL-C decentralised heat recovery ventilation system recovers up to 92% of the heat that would otherwise be lost through an open window. With decentralised ventilation, the ventilation system is installed where it is needed — directly inside your classroom. Installation is simple and can be implemented quickly. In this way, individual devices ensure optimal ventilation of the entire classroom independently of one another — the old air out, fresh and the healthy air in.

  • Decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery for schools, childcare centres, offices and community halls
  • Up to 92% heat recovery
  • Easy installation, even in retrofit projects
  • Additional accessories include CO2 sensor and motion sensor

LUNOS Lunomat

Central unit

The LUNOMAT is a central ventilation unit for the aeration and deaeration of living spaces and facilities similar to living spaces, such as medical practices, schools and office spaces.

Special features

Equipped with two efficient ec centrifugal fans, extract and supply air can be delivered simultaneously with a constant volume flow of up to 125 m³/h at a pressure difference of up to 100 Pa.

The highly efficient enthalpy heat exchanger has an average heat recovery efficiency of 84% and can provide a pleasantly comfortable room climate due to its re-humidification property.

Pacific Ventilation Sense

Decentralised compact air handling unit for ceiling installation

An ideal solution for both new and existing buildings. Its quiet operation makes it a perfect choice for schools, offices and conference rooms.


The frameless housing is made of painted aluminium sheet (RAL 9010), which makes the unit lighter and more compact.
Internal components can be accessed through the bottom of the unit by means of a door on the left and right sides and a removable panel in the middle.

Counter flow heat exchanger

Aluminum counter flow plate heat exchanger with high heat recovery efficiency (up to 90%). It has a built-in motorised by-pass air damper, regulated by integrated control system to prevent freezing of the exchanger during the winter time.

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