Energy Recovery Ventilation

What is ERV?

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) allows a building to obtain the highest standard of indoor comfort: supplying clean fresh air; discharging stale air and toxic gasses; and maintaining indoor temperature levels the whole time.

For example, whilst an open window might be a very effective means of supplying fresh air into your home, you will also be losing 100% of the energy (warmth or coolth) contained within your indoor air as it escapes out of your window. With an ERV system, up to 90% of the energy (heat/coolth) from the indoor air can be captured during the exhaust process, and is then transferred to the fresh supply air as the system draws it in to your home. ERV systems are unique in their ability to address both sensible heat (temperature levels) as well as latent heat (humidity levels).

Capturing, recovering and maintaining this thermal energy greatly reduces your home’s heating and cooling demands, as well as the unwanted bills that come with them.

Decentralised (Non-Ducted)

an example of a decentralised erv unit

Centralised (Ducted)

an example of a centralised erv unit