MEGANT® | The heavy-duty connection for timber construction engineering up to 500 kN
System advantages:
  • Load range – standard sizes up to 341 kN, customized solutions up to 500 kN
  • Minimum timber width ≤ 100 mm
  • Connection options – on wood, steel or concrete
  • Unique – mounting possible from all directions without tilting
  • Loadable in all directions
  • Fire protection – three sided concealed jointless installation
  • Short crane times by a high degree of prefabrication – only 2 cm hooking way
  • Dismountable – installed to connect and rebuild



The wall connection for timber frame construction up to 10 kN

System advantages:

  • Efficient wall connections in timber frame and wood panel
  • For timber width from 60 mm up
  • For timber according to DIN 1052 and Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1)
  • High degree of prefabrication – no screwing on-site
  • Plug connection – the wall parts are assembled without screwing
  • Self-tightening, stable and invisible – the structure is stable from the first corner on
  • Wood frame and plywood board walls frictionally interconnected


The Pitzl range includes post bases, balcony and fence posts, plug-in connector systems as well as post-purlin connections. Pitzl HVP connectors are two-part dovetail connectors made of anodised aluminium. They are equally suitable for wood-to-wood, wood-to-concrete, wood-to-steel connections.