workers on-site installing a PANELlite wall panel via crane.

PANELlite Pre-fabricated Solutions

The next generation in energy-efficient homes & sustainable living.

What exactly is PANELlite?

  • PANELlite is an Australian made, ultra-efficient European style construction system for everyone by CARBONlite

  • PANELlite is a prefabricated timber floor, wall and roof system which can greatly reduce construction effort, time and costs, while providing excellence in energy efficiency.

  • PANELlite is precision-fabricated in the factory and delivered to site on flat-bed crane-trucks, ready for immediate site installation.  “Lock-up” of the building can be typically achieved in a single day.

  • PANELlite can increase home energy efficiency by up to 90% when compared with BCA-compliant conventional construction methods.  “10-star” or European “Passivhaus” performance is typical.




Please head over to the official PANELlite website to find out more:

Official PANELlite Website

PANELlite product logo with text 'An ultra-efficient  European style construction system for everyone - made in Australia by CARBONlite'