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LUNOS Decentralised Energy Recovery Ventilation

LUNOS decentralised energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems provide fresh, clean air to your building, without losing valuable heat (or coolth).
Decentralised systems do not require ducting, and are therefore much easier to install.  This makes them perfect for retro-fittings, or buildings that simply do not have space to install a centralised ducting system (for a new build, or existing home with ample access to a roof or floor cavity, centralised systems may be more suitable).

"Condensation would not occur if humid, moist air could be removed and replaced by drier air. This can be achieved, usually very simply, by better ventilation of the home."

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The Benefits of Decentralised (non-ducted) Ventilation

  • Retrofit Ready.
    With no complicated ducting runs required, the decentralised systems are quick and easy to install.
  • Compact Design.
    Decentralised systems are the perfect solution if your building design does not allow space for a large centralised unit.
  • Quiet operation.
    Smaller & lower power fans make less noise than larger and more powerful centralised systems.
  • Efficiency.
    The ductless system leads to an inherently lower pressure drop, which requires smaller fans, and generally results in a more efficient system.
  • Versatility.
    The units can be installed in areas where ducting may not be able to travel.
  • Redundancy.
    Because the units are independent, in the unlikely event that one unit fails, the other units in the team will have you covered.

Personal Health

Gases, toxins and pollutants can cause concern in poorly ventilated buildings. ERV provides clean, filtered air; whilst discharging stale air and toxic gases; and maintaining optimal indoor comfort levels, all year around.

"Examples of toxic substances include:

  • Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from heating and cooling
  • Airborne toxins from household cleaners
  • Pollen, dust and dust mites
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde emissions from furniture, carpet, finishes and building materials."

- Your Home, Australian Government

Building Health

Thankfully, buildings in Australia are finally becoming better insulated and much more airtight than they used to be.

However, with this highly improved thermal performance the risk of moisture buildup also increases. Household activities such as clothes drying, washing, cooking and showering introduce further moisture to the indoor environment. High moisture and condensation levels inside a building's fabric are highly concerning as they can lead to mould, mildew and decay, amongst other structural issues.

These issues can be easily addressed by intelligent building design, which includes suitable ventilation systems with temperature and humidity controls.


The LUNOS e² ERV units operate in pairs: as one unit draws fresh, filtered air in to the building, the other unit exhausts stale air and other toxins to the outside. After a set time period (usually 90 seconds), the units both reverse their cycle and swap their roles. This continuous switching allows the building to breathe in and out, much like a set of lungs.

  • 90% heat recovery efficiency via German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger.
  • Allows a building to breathe 100% filtered fresh air & removes bad odours.
  • Ultra low energy consumption operating with less energy than a phone charger.
  • Whisper quiet operation of just 16.5dB
  • Reduces Humidity, controlling condensation and reducing risk of mould.
  • Easy Retrofit for your home or apartment.
  • Stylish design


An example of a possible building layout featuring decentralised ERV units
LUNOS e2 units work well in pairs across larger areas. LUNOS ego units work well alone in smaller, wetter areas.


The LUNOS ego  ERV unit is an all-in-one ventilation system with heat recovery. The system is ideal for bathrooms and single room spaces.

  • High efficiency with over 85% heat recovery through German engineered ceramic core technology.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Compact. Among the smallest decentralised ERV fans in the world.
  • Compatible. If a LUNOS ventilation system has already been installed, an ego can be used in the existing wall penetration.
  • Easy Retrofit

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LUNOS Touch Air Comfort (TAC)

The LUNOS TAC is a powerful multi-function controller that monitors, manages & optimises your LUNOS ventilation systems and displays important information at a glance.

  • E-Ink display for lowest power consumption
  • Integrated humidity/temperature sensor (CO₂ module SCO₂-TAC can also be connected)
  • Direct operation of up to four e² or two ego or one RA 15-60
  • Silvento fans can be directly connected and controlled via the low volt input
  • All Silvento AC fans and AB 30/60 can be connected via the additional 5/ACM
  • Further devices can be controlled via connected universal controls
  • Comfort functions such as night reduction and summer ventilation
  • Functions for humidity and frost protection
  • USB interface for export of recorded ventilation data, software-updates and language options





LAROS Technologies is the proud supplier of LUNOS in Australia.

Whilst we are unable to install the units for you we are more than happy to assist your preferred electrical or air conditioning contractor. If they are not familiar with the LUNOS product family, please invite them to visit or to contact LAROS to learn more.

Ask your preferred electrical or air conditioning contractor for an installation quote today.

The LUNOS Story

LUNOS is a long-established Berlin company and has been known worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative and energy efficient ventilation systems for more than 56 years. LUNOS engineers are constantly  working to develop new devices for efficient use in apartments and buildings. This is how  LUNOS has managed to establish itself not only as the market leader for energy-efficient ventilation units, but also as a reliable partner whose clients can always be sure of the quality and durability of its products.

The core competencies of LUNOS lie in the field of controlled home ventilation with and without heat recovery and the development and manufacture of energy-efficient fans and outer wall air vents. Furthermore, LUNOS develops all associated components and many other products such as exhaust fans and façade ventilation systems with hidden vents. LUNOS also provides services such as technical advice and the creation of ventilation concepts.