Bionic Wood Fire Place

The Rais Bionic Fireplace is a revolutionary, stylish fireplace with record-breaking effiency. The unique design and dual combustion chamber is so effective that there is hardly any residual particle emissions. 

A modern, stylish and highly efficient system with record breaking efficency is the perfect edition to any high performance building or rennovation. 

RAIS Bionic Fire – Overview Video (English Subtitles)

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System Overview

The RAIS Bionic Fire is a modern, stylish fireplace with record-breaking heating efficiency.

The Bionic Fire’s dual combustion chamber design is based off a new system, which is used in highly efficient industrial fireboxes. Its fully automatic air regulation makes for simple and effortless operation: once the fire reaches a sufficient temperature, the stove redirects the fire into the secondary chamber, giving the Bionic Fire its impressive double flame. The RAIS Bionic Fire uses innovative industrial technology to create an elegant & environmentally-friendly residential heating solution.

  • Record-breaking efficiency
  • Unique design
  • Dual combustion chambers
  • Fully automatic air regulation
  • Particulate emissions as low as 0.43g/kg wood fuel


  Heating output (min. - max.) 3.9 – 4.6 kW
  Heating area 45 ‐ 83 m2
  Unit dimensions (width/depth/height)
  (including base, handle width is 45mm)
404 x 411 x 1332 mm
  Upper combustion chamber (width/depth/height)
  (for fuel)
280 x 200 x 300 mm
  Efficiency 76%
  Recommended fuel amount
  (1‐2 logs of wood, ~25cm long)
1.1 kg
  (including base)
180 kg (approx.)
  Operation Refuelling required every 11/2 hours (approx.)