Off Grid Passive Inspired House at Gundaroo

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With thanks to Michael Mobbs at and Sue & Danny O’Brian we would like to share an article written by the owners of a new PassiveHouse (Passivhaus) inspired house near Canberra.


This is a great read for those interested in building a new home in Australia, particularly though in colder climates such as Gundaroo & Canberra.


“In order to minimise our need for energy to heat the house during Canberra winters, when solar energy is in (relatively) short supply, we decided to build to PassivHaus standard. In other words, we’ve built a house in Canberra with NO heater….. and we’re not mad.”


“We’ve been in the house for 2 months now, and through warm sunny days, gloomy days and overnight temperatures of -6oC, the house has really shown that it is delivering on the promise. The temperature has not dropped below 19.2 degrees (even with the freezing nights) and has stabilised at a comfortable 21-23 oC during gloomy days and cool nights.”


Find the full article below: